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The diocesan building own a very important collection of 10.000 posters, mainly from the Chartres area.

About 2.000 of them are about the town of Chartres, but it is surprising to find 800 more coming from the nearby town of Brou.

2.000 of the posters are from Paris and if some 400 are coming from all over France, some even come from foreign countries.

Among the subjects one may find such as : pilgrims, local fairs, classical concerts, festivals, shows, conferences, Christian meditation evening, dancing, bingo or card games and naturally all the sports practiced such soccer, hand-ball, moto-cross, side-car races. The last but not the least all the publicity for Christian news papers, banks, etc.

Mainly, those posters are black and white and do not show any particular artistic character, but some of them are illustrated or even hand written.

Dates vary from de second part of the 19th century (for 3 of them), the first half of the 20th century  (30 of them) and about 2000 were printed between 1950 and 1979, the rest of it being posterior to 1980.

It is possible to search for a given event or a village name, or else, thanks to a search engine available on the spot.


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