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The stock of prints and engravings of the diocesan house is important by its quality, not by the quantity. It is specialized on Chartres and its cathedral.

The masterpiece of the collection is without any doubt the rare 1697 one's  by Nicolas de Larmessin for the publisher of Chartres Louis Mocquet, and known as

"Le triomphe de la Sainte-Vierge dans l'église de Chartres"

"The triumph of the Blessed-Virgin in the Chartres Church"

It represents the chapel of "Our Lady of Underground" as it could be seen prior to the French Revolution. The center piece is surrounded by small illustrations of the "Virgini Pariturae", the Virgo who must give birth,  placed on columns on both sides. Right below it, the Holy Reliquary sustained by two angels, with the Holy Skirt. In the lower part, a view in perspective of the city of Chartres with three coat of arms.

Another  remarkable engraving by Gaultier for the frontispiece of the "Parthénie" from Rouillard, which restituted with simplicity the druids altar dedicated to the "Virgini Pariturae" and the well of the Strong Saints, roots for the cult toward "Our Lady of Underground".

Another masterpiece of the Library, is the famous "Monography of Chartres Cathedral" by Lassus and Paul Durand, made of 72 different blocks published from 1842 to 1875 on public founds and which are in perfect shape. The cathedral can be viewed statue by statue, stain glass window  by stain glass window, in chromolithography, engraving and heliography by the famous photograph Charles Nègre. Crypt and upper level drawings are engraved with the most meticulousness care. It's the artistic and historic witness of the 19th century cathedral.

Some prints have no link at all with the city :

  •  "The earthenware pot against the iron pot" which met more than its match, illustration of one of the famous fable by Jean de La Fontaine, published by the eldest Fournier and Perrotin in 1838 along with 120 other woodcut engravings by Jean Ignace Isidore Gérard, more known under his pseudo JJ.Grandville.

  •  Woodcut engravings to color by hand, dated from the 18th century, and representing butterflies, birds, plants and mammals


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