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Portail Royal - Photo de Charles Marville


The Library is rich of some of the best pieces of the history of the photography.

We have pictures from:

Robert Bingham (1800-1870) , an English photographer living in Paris and specialized into the reproduction of painters work and portraits. We own 7 photography and positive calotype of such portraits.

Pierre Ambroise Richebourg (1810-1874), let us 2 photography one of whom being the portrait of an unknown man.

Charles Marville (1816-1878), is well represented with 28 photographs. Among them:

· 1853 : positive calotypes of the Paris Sainte-Chapelle during the restoration of the spire by Jean-Baptist Lassus
· 1853 : details of the statues of the Royal Portal of the Cathedral of Chartres
· 1853 : "The beautiful God" from Amiens
· 1854 : Reims Cathedral

Dr.Henri Le Secq (1818-1882) from whom we kept the 1852 calotype of the Portal of the cathedral of Chartres.

Paul Berthier (1822-1912)  Parisian photographer  well known for  his photographs made in Italy and his portraits. We are lucky enough to have 6 photographs et positive calotypes of various statues of the cathedral of Chartres.

Félix Bonfils.  The Library has its album called "from the Holy Land" which is a rich one. This photograph was installed in Beyrouth with his wife Lydie and his son Adrien. The pictures in the album are part from Félix and part from Adrien. They all have been sold out by Lydie, from the end of 1880 through the beginning of 1890.

Pillas (actif ca 1840-1850) Parisian daguerreotypist. We have the portrait of a woman and her child.

William Shew (en Amérique1850-1870), American photographer installed in San Francisco. We know nothing about him except that he was  specialized in portraits like his colleague Hamilton in the same town. The collection own a daguerreotype.

Hamilton : ambrotype (portrait of a lady in San Francisco).

The stock is not limited to those photographs. Many of the plates and daguerreotypes are still in search of authors or not. They represent Chartres, the Eure-et-Loir area and France. Those photographs are part of  the stocks known as Popesco, Clerval and Delaporte. Several thousands of slides on glass also called "luminous projections" published by "La Bonne Presse" are available. They are filed by subjects. We are actively in the process to put them in a valuable perpective .

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