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Collections : Modern Photographs

Saint Jacques le Majeur Saint Jean-Baptiste Harcouet


Mainly represented through the work of :

Etienne Houvet (1869-1949)  who did from 1920 through 1940, photograph the entire cathedral, piece by piece. It is an enormous work representing thousand of negative plates of various formats on a substrate of silver-bromide gelatin. Taking pictures of the same subject under various angles he tried to get the most beautiful expression and the best light and shadow games to put the volumes in perspective.

It's a love story between a photograph and "his" monument, thereby constituting a remarkable artistic and iconographic document of the cathedral of Chartres. We do have some positives photograph by Etienne Houvet.

Yves Delaporte (1879-1979), diocesan archivist, is work is mainly made of pictures of stain glass windows of the cathedral laid down during the first World War. This has been an exceptional opportunity to take pictures in details. In his collection, several negatives representing manuscripts from the Town Library, whose original have been destroyed by an incendiary bomb during the last World War.

It is also necessary to mention thousands of slides and photographs about Chartres and its surroundings as well as portraits witnesses of the contemporary life of the city.

Mgr Roger Michon, Bishop of Chartres (1955-1978) has been an unexpected photograph of the cathedral. He took pictures of the cathedral during his free time.

The cathedral has been the subject of various studies by photographs from all over the world since the beginning of the photography.


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